Easily Monitor Cooling Lubricants in CNC Mills

Battery-powered ultrasonic sensors wirelessly transmit data on lubricant levels to the Cloud

Manual Level Control for Numerous CNC Machines Can Be a Lengthy Process 

Monitoring cooling lubricants in CNC mills can be time-consuming. Although maintenance engineers can usually read off the levels on the machine, it is rare for the cooling lubricant levels for all pieces of apparatus to be visible in a central location in older plants. This could mean lots of unnecessary journeys for maintenance personnel and in extreme cases could pose the risk of machine downtime from the cooling lubricant level being too low — at weekends, for example.

Your Benefits

  • No wiring and installation effort thanks to battery-powered sensors with magnetic mounting and radio transmission
  • Reduced downtimes because the cooling lubricant levels are constantly being monitored
  • Effective personnel deployment as a result of automatic alarm messages for critical filling levels
  • Cost-effective since the solution can be set up without any programming effort

  • At a glance: The Cloud presents lubricant level data from multiple CNC machines

  • Mounting using magnets saves on complex wiring systems inside the tank

  • The TCG20 can also send data to the Cloud via a cellular network

  • The filling levels of adjacent machines can be clearly displayed on the dashboard

Automated Lubricant Level Monitoring on CNC Machines

With Turck Cloud Solutions and battery-operated level sensors, autonomous level monitoring can be retrofitted to large machine parks without a great deal of effort. The ultrasonic sensors are simply attached inside the tank by a magnet. The sensors transmit the measurement data wirelessly to a DX80 gateway at a switch cabinet, which in turn is connected to Turck's Cloud Gateway (TCG20) via Modbus RTU. The gateway sends the data via Wi-Fi to the Turck Cloud. Alternatively, it can use a cellular network, removing the need to grant security permissions for the corporate network.

Simple Monitoring with Cloud Solutions

Maintenance personnel can read the cooling lubricant level of all machines via a web browser at any time, from anywhere around the world. If desired, analog displays on the Cloud Dashboard show the filling levels of adjacent machines. This allows maintenance personnel to optimize their routes and preemptively ensure that lubricant levels are sufficient.

Alarm notifications via email or SMS can be configured in the Cloud Portal; if the set threshold is exceeded, the system automatically sends a notification to the responsible employees. This ensures that production processes continue to run and reduces the need for staff involvement.

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